small scarf in silk taffeta painted blue tones


Length: 140 Centimeters
Width: 12 Centimeters
Material: silk

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NIGHT is a blue and navy blue taffeta scarf. Its dimensions are 140 cm long and 12.5 cm wide. The scarf is doubled, the front and the back are painted. The ends of the scarf are composed of 2 parts separated by a grosgrain yellow grosgrain ribbon. The patterns are drawn on these 2 parts at the ends of the scarf. Part 1: royal blue and dark arabesques accented with dots and golden lines and round light blue. Part 2: Golden stars on blue and purple motley background.

This light scarf to wear will accompany you for all occasions. His impeccable dress, taffeta oblige (!) Gives him a lot of cachet. To wear on a clear outfit.

The realization of NIGHT required 15 hours of work between the different stages: waxing, ink dyeing, seam ornamentation, fixing in an oven and making the scarf itself. That's why it's a unique piece.

This scarf is washed with warm water and mild liquid soap or dry cleaning. It can be ironed with warm iron under damp cloth.

Materials: taffeta - grosgrain

Colors: royal blue - navy blue - yellow

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