silk scarf multicolored tones


Length: 150 Centimeters
Width: 21 Centimeters
Materials: silk, silk pongee, silk

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NATURE OF THE PIECE: Flowing scarf

DIMENSIONS: 150/21 cm approximately.

MATERIAL: Silk pongee scarf composed of two pieces buzzed together.

MOTIFS: blue, green, purple, orange, pink stripes ... Black and golden peas. Black streamers.


REALIZATION: This creation required 20 hours of work between the different stages: waxing, ink dyeing, oven fixing, washes, ornamentation with the buzzing set ... In the process of realization, the passage Silk in an oven (Steam Fixing) enhances the color resistance to light and water and enhances their brightness. Silk also becomes brighter.

CARE: This scarf can be washed with warm water and mild liquid soap or dry cleaning. It is slightly moistened with warm iron.

CHARACTERISTIC OF A UNIQUE PIECE: what differentiates this scarf is that the fabric that constitutes it has been painted by hand. It is an original work that you wear. By acquiring a piece of this kind you encourage artistic creation and you value the expertise of a craftsman.

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