hand-painted fabric bag


Materials: linen, cotton lining

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This bag measures 34cm high and 21cm wide. The bag is flexible. The bottom is rounded. It is crafted from gray hand-painted linen with patterns of white and yellow daisies spread throughout the fabric. The lining is in pale pink cotton and the Liberty (small white and gray daisies) bristles. The shoulder strap is gray grosgrain and measures 60cm long.

This small round and graceful bag is ideal for the summer when you do not bother to carry too much thing. It's good for a casual outfit and for an occasion that's just as good. Example: "go for a drink with friends, under an arbor by a late afternoon light and bright ..."

The realization of this bag required 25 hours of work between the different stages: wax passages, ink dyeing, ornamentation crimped, fixing colors and making the bag itself. His hand-painted fabric is an original work. That's why it's a unique piece. Wash with lukewarm water and mild liquid soap or dry cleaning. Iron with warm iron under damp cloth.

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